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anywhere I go you go, my dear

I carry you in my heart

Young, Alaska
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I do not like the cone of shame.

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an abundance of alex, barack hussein obama, draco dormiens nunquam titillandus, harry fucking potter, haus md, have gun will travel, i said goodday, i'm-not-cool-i'm-like-cool, making trouble in harmony, marauders forever, mummy-how-do-i-know-if-i'm-a-nerdfighter, music is the magic, my-father-stormed-the-beach-at-normandy, no anal, officiated by john green, owen-harper-is-my-prat, pokemon, sexy politicks tiemz, suck-my-fat-one-you-cheap-dime-store-hood, the brothers green, un deux trois quatre, wanna be mrs nerimon, who-the-hell-orders-pizza-under-torchwood, wizard people dear reader, you me haroooooooon, zac what-the-eff-is-wrong-with-you